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What can I say

Nothing to you

29 September 1989

give black_katt_1 more *HUGS*

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Most of my Nine Inch Nails icons come from picturabsolutus
other have come from nineinchicons and lost_n_euphoria
if you see one of your icons and want credit please tell me I would like it just as much as you would!

Also when I make icons and graphics really....my brushes are from blessed_beast,okayicons and kamino also absolutetrouble, morgantgreen, wickedripeplum and secretloft.com!
my text is from-candycrack.net fluffymonstar,
My borders are from lovemelikemusic,candycrack.net, fluffymonstar,iconobessed, lovemelikemusic and masqurademasks
others are from candycrack.net and secretloft.com

and again some more brushes come from
propaganda_live,glim glamoury,gender,grapicjunkies, icon obessed, dorky_duck, lovemelikemusic,_wickedripeplum, my_wonderful, masquerademasks, morgantgreen, __a320_
_metatron_, rovie, silentwings.net, tragic_icons, _joni_, onyx_icons, merely_anger, butnotquite, 77words, merly_anger, amethystia, butnotquite, ewanism, iconisms, iconistas myrasis, lanitha, nin_noctuidae, customer_mimi,

97.9 wgrd, a perfect circle, air, alcohol, animal rights, art, balance, bands, barefoot, beauty to ashes, behind blue eyes, being loved, being me, belly dancing, black roses, bleeding through, blood, blooming roses, boy watching, bubble baths, bubbles, caffeine, can't feel you anymore, candles, cats, celtic, cheese cake, clouds, coffee, coffee ice cream, cold just like you, corsets, cuddling, dancing, deep and meaningful conversations, deep blue, demise in your eyes, dreams, dreds, drums, egyptian mythology, energy, everything is all right, existence, flirting, food, green tea, halloween, having deep conversations, hope, hugs, imagination, individuality, invader zim, it still hurts sometimes, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, kissing, kittens, kitties, laughing, laughter, learning, life, listening to music, listening to others problems, long hair, love, marilyn manson, marshmellow fights, maynard james keenan, mechanical animals, minty mints, moon, msn messenger, mud fights, music, music!, music!!, nicks easy, nine inch nails, not talking to you, oblivion, open mindedness, outside, parties, passion, peace, photographs, photography, photoshop, piercings, pink skies, pirates, plants, pms, poetry, psychology, pushing buttons, rain, raindrops, reading, red hot chilli peppers, red roses, road trips, roses, s'mores, screaming, sensual, sensuality, sex toys, shelby!, silenced, silk, singing, sink to the rift, sleeping, spring rains, squee!, squirrels, stars, summer fun, surprise lies!, swimming, system of a down, tattoos, thunder storms, tool, transcendence, trees, twiggy, waterlillies, weekends, writing, you'll never know me, your so blind